VIP Vital Honey, Dose Vital Honey for men

Dose Vital Honey (One Box -12 Sachets of 15g)

Dose Vital Honey Box 12 Sachets (15 g each), 100% Authentic, Free Ships From USA

VIP Honey contains 100% Pure Honey, fortified with Royal Jelly, Bee Polen, and fine mixture of Rain Forest Herbs. It is rich in protein minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and digestive enzymes. Moreover, it also stimulates the absorption of essential nutrients thereby making your immune system strong. What’s more, it doesn’t contain any artificial flavors and preservatives.




What is Vital Honey?

Vital honey is your one-stop natural remedy for boosting male performance. As it is made in combination with the famous Tongkat Ali Roots and Cavlar Powder, Cinnamon Powder etc with Mountain Honey, it increases male virility to a great extent. It is worth noting here that the preparation process of the vital honey has been derived from the Malaysian Royal nobility too.

Dose Vital Honey was inherited from the family recipe of the Malaysian Royal nobility.


Your one-stop natural remedy

For those who are suffering from low sexual energy and increased levels of stress, fret not! Furthermore, VIP honey is here to rejuvenate your energy and libido as well as. likewise, VIP honey comprises 100% pure honey and is fortified with bee pollen and royal jelly. Similarly, sets VIP honey apart from other products is that it contains a selective mix of rainforest herbs.


Ingredients of Vital Honey

VITAL HONEY is a combination of natural ingredients – for example, natural honey from Malaysia. Both-and Tongkat Ali root, cinnamon, and sturgeon caviar.


  • Mountain Honey- 96%
  • Cinnamon Powder- 1%
  • Caviar Powder- 1.5%
  • Tongkat Ali Roots- 1.5%
  • 100%Original Dose Vital Honey


Consequently, VITAL HONEY allows you to extend the duration of sexual intercourse by 2 – 3 times, which guarantees you and your partner 100% satisfaction!



Thus, due to the unique composition of natural ingredients, VITAL HONEY increases male potency up to 4 times!

VITAL HONEY – is really enlarging your penis up to 2 cm! * Enlarge the penis by more than 2 cm is not possible with the help of drugs!



  • Thanks to the beneficial properties of Tongkat Ali root.
  • Second, Cinnamon, and Malaysian honey.
  • VITAL HONEY heals prostatitis and helps to improve your sexual performance as a result for instance!
  • Expiration Date 2022
  • Next, confidentially Ships Via USPS first class mail in one business day.
Natural and Fresh Products



After open the sachet, consume immediately. Do not store., consume immediately. Do not store.


In addition to, restlessness and hyperactivity due to being more energetic. This can also be a benefit as people need more energy and enthusiasm.



Keep in dry place at room temperature away from sunlight.




Royal Honey IngredientsRoyal Malaysian Honey

Natural royal Malaysian honey since ancient times is considered as one of the best aphrodisiacs, which awakens the desire and greatly increases sexual desire. In the same way. In fact, it has a pleasant taste and body easily digests by the. Its microelements are enriched with vitamins that are necessary to maintain good men’s health.

The legendary root Tongkat AliRoot Tongkat Ali

The legendary root Tongkat Ali found in Malaysia and Thailand is used to enhance the sensitivity of the penis and prolong sexual intercourse. Further, it stimulates the natural production of testosterone and serotonin in the body.


Residents of the East are always adding Cinnamon to the dishes right before intimacy in order to achieve a maximum erection. Therefore, Cinnamon is abundant in calcium and iron and both are responsible for the normal functioning of many organs, including the urogenital system equally important.

Sturgeon caviar improves blood circulationSturgeon Caviar

In the same way, Sturgeon caviar improves blood circulation, increases potency, and sexual arousal. Again, It possesses high taste qualities, in abundance, it contains vitamins important for health, such as A, D, C, Group B, easily digestible protein, etc.

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