black horse honey VIP

BLACK HORSE ROYAL HONEY – VIP (One Box -12 Sachets of 10g)

100% Authentic Black Horse Royal Honey for Him (12s x 10g) Box

• Black Horse Contains 93% Pure Honey, Radix Eurycoma Long folia Extract 3%, Ginseng Herb Extract 2%, and Royal Jelly 2%.




Black Horse Royal Honey- Here is how it revitalizes your health on a daily basis

We always search for super foods in an effort to stay healthy. But most of the times, we tend to overlook their main ingredients and the way they can bolster our growth. Apart from improving our immunity, Black Horse Royal Honey also play a crucial role in the proper functioning of sex organs. A majority of men nowadays suffer from various sexual disorders. Paying a visit to the doctor at times is futile. Moreover, the doctor in all possibilities would recommend chemical-based drugs that can have side-effects. So you need something with the help of which your body can recover without any interference.

Boosts your overall immunity

One of the highlighting aspects of consuming Black Horse Royal Honey is that it boosts your immunity. Being equipped with an array of tropical herbs, royal honey and pollens, it is wondrous to your body’s immunity. It reduces the oxidation of cells thereby increasing your body’s overall stamina. Also, it eliminates the accumulation of LDL cholesterol in your body. Hence, with Black Horse Royal Honey, you stay free from cardio-vascular diseases.

Sexual Performance and Stamina

Black Horse Royal Honey also increases the overall sexual performance and stamina of your body. By regularly taking this superfood, you would experience a higher level of libido. It’s plays a crucial role in improving your sleep patterns and mood swings. All these are crucial for your sex life and enhancing the performance. The tropical rainforest herbs act as an aphrodisiac and help you get rid of your sexual impotence.

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Pure honey, Radix eurycoma longifolia extract, Radix panax ginseng powder, bee larvae powder.


Keep in dry place at room temperature away from sunlight.

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Pure Honey

Royal Jelly

Radix Eurycoma longifolia Extract

Radix Panax Ginseng

Premium Grade Maca Extract